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What is the difference between O.P.I., Shellac and other gel manicures?

O.P.I and Shellac are renowned for their vast range of nail colours and their hard wearing finish. But what is most important and distinctive about these two brands is the stress-free removal and lack of dehydration to the nail. The practice of buffing and filing down the nail plate (mainly by unqualified Asian salons) is very very bad for the health and long-term strength of the nails. It can take years for the nail to recover from such brutal handling. With both O.P.I and shellac no buffing is necessary, therefore the nail remains in great condition.

What does the CACI ULTRA facial entail?

This facial is known as "The Best Anti-Age, non-surgical Facial in the world". It starts with Ultra sonic peeling to remove dead dull skin cells, gently and harmlessly, then muscle toning of every muscle in the face, eyes and neck, followed by deep wrinkle micro-current with Red light therapy. This is proven to stimulate collogen and elastin and reduce the depth of wrinkles. The treatment is finished with Blue light therapy to soothe and calm and it is completed with an hydrating collogen mask. The whole facial is one hour 20 mins, discount applys to a course of 10.

I have heard you offer experienced Beauty Therapy in Milton Keynes, can you tell me where you are and what your opening hours are please.

We are located in Phoenix Hair near the medical centre in Shenley Church End Milton Keynes. Our opening hours are: Tuesday 10-6pm, Wednesday 9.30-8pm, Thursday alternate 9.30-4pm or 12-8pm, Friday alternate 10-4pm or 12-8pm, Saturday 9.30-5pm

I have heard a lot about eyelash extensions, how do they work?

We were one of the first salons in the area to offer Lash extensions, we have over five years experience and are able to offer choice of shape, colour, length and effect. The lashes last for weeks and can be topped up to last for months.The treatment is one synthetic lash placed on each of your upper lashes. Creating thicker, longer and more curved lashes. Instantly making your eyes appear made up and glamorous.  The treatment takes one and half hrs and costs £70

Is it true that Asian skin cannot have electrolysis?

No this not not true at all. All skin types are able to have electrolysis no matter what their pigment colour, oilyness, age etc. A professional electrolysist will adjust certain aspects of the treatment to accommodate all skin types. There is a lot of flexibility with electrolysis, we can choose from several techniques, needle types, needle sizes, treatment length, treatment frequency. An experienced therapist will be able to advice you how to get the best, fastest results, without ever compromising your skin quality.

I have loads of course hairs on my chin, I have been having threading, but it is making the problem worse and my skin has become very spotty since I started the threading is there a treatment that will get rid of them permanently and improve my skin?

Yes definitely, Electrolysis is a permanent method of removal. The hairs are getting stronger because every time you pluck them you release new blood supply into the follicle. Electrolysis is the only treatment that is legally allowed to be called permanent hair removal. It always works and is a simple course of treatments that will resolve your problem forever.

I have a frozen shoulder that is very painful and I have restricted movement, would a sports massge help?

A massage is a deep treatment that uses massage, stretches and heat to work into the muscles fibres and release tension. It should only be carried out by a qualified massage therapist. For advice or consultation call 01296 733550 (Steeple Claydon) 01908 749999 (Shenley)

Do Gel nails last longer than normal varnish? I heard it doesn't chip in the same way, is this true?

Yes its true Gel varnish lasts up to 2 weeks with barely a chip and they soak off, so are gentle on the nail, unlike nail extensions or acrylics. We have them in over a dozen of O.P.I's favourite colours and a selection of Shellac.

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