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Electrolysis - Available in Milton Keynes and Stowe Castle, nr. Buckingham

Electrolysis ALWAYS works; it is a permanent method of facial hair removal

The treatment works by gradually reducing blood supply to the hair root; blood is food to the growing hair, no food – no hair. The permanency of the treatment is achieved over a few months, when each hair has been treated several times. This is the only disadvantage of the treatment, it is not instantaneous. However, you will begin to see an improvement in the texture, quantity and colour of the hair from the first few treatments.

Excess hair is one of the most frequent problems I am asked about, but most ladies think they are the only person to have visible hair. This could not be further from the truth. I do electrolysis every single day at my salon; the problems vary from a few downy hairs on the upper lip, to course, strong, dark hair on the chin, cheek, breast, abdomen & neck. The cause of the hair growth varies too, from hormonal imbalance, inherited predisposition or merely skin to hair colour ratio.

Another myth about electrolysis is that it is agony. There is some sensation but little more than would be felt if you plucked or waxed the hairs away. A tiny probe is entered into the hair follicle and an electrical current cauterises the blood supply. There are several different methods of electrolysis, so the treatment can be tailored to suit the skin type, sensitivity, time available and strength of hair. There are also several different types of needles (probes) to enable the therapist to perform a very exact, stress-free treatment.

Cost is the last myth I will address, electrolysis only costs £23.99 for each 15 minute session, £38.99 for 30 minutes and for each block of six sessions you only pay for five of them.

The end result I achieve for my clients and the freedom I provide from the daily chore of plucking; coupled with the liberating sense of release from self-consciousness, is gratifying as a therapist and empowering as an empathetic professional.


The procedure should only be carried out by a qualified, experienced therapist. (We are BABTAC and Sterex approved salon). If you have any questions or require further explanation please contact us at The Beauty Therapy Centre on 01280 813000 or 01908 749999.


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Clare Barker 

"My facial and body hair had been a big deal in my life as long as I could remember. Nothing seemed to work effectively, and I had more or less given up. Clare’s empathy combined with her high level of skill & experience in electrolysis enabled me to take the plunge to successfully and permanently remove my facial hair. When Clare waxed my legs and underarms, it was the first time I had ever come away from a waxing treatment with no redness, and she is very fast! I am so grateful to Clare for supporting me to resolve a difficult and very personal issue. The impact has been a renewed sense of my femininity and I recommend The Beauty Therapy Centre wholeheartedly."


I suffered for years with coarse black facial hairs, the more I tweezed them out, the worse they got. Clare recommended Electrolysis, assuring me it would clear the problem, I was very sceptical but agreed to give it a try. It wasn't painful at all, just created a tingling sensation. The end result being after just 12 sessions there was not a black hair to be found, with very limited regrowth it has now been over 6 months since I've needed a very small session. Would recommend the treatment to anybody who is considering having it done.


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