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OPI and Shellac Gel Manicures

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What are the pros and cons of a Gel Manicure?


The market has recently been flooded with Gel products; every brand has brought out their own version of Gel polish.


The two top brands in Gel manicures are O.P.I. and Shellac, both have strong ethics, to preserve the health of the nail and ensure their products do ‘no harm’. This is why you will never see an OPI home kit. The leading brands will only allow qualified Beauty Therapists to use their product.


The main differences between a soak-off Gel manicure and conventional one are as follows:

Soak-off gels, are harder wearing than normal varnish, lasting two-three weeks.

  1. They are instantly dry when you leave the salon, so no risk of smudging, you can even put gloves on! Great in the winter. 3.   The rock hard finish keeps its shine for the duration of the manicure
  2. Gels require 15minutes of soaking in acetone to remove.
  3. This can leave the nail a little dehydrated, but cuticle oil and a good hand cream will rectify this.
  4. Conventional manicures use a varnish which lasts for up to a week, but is vulnerable to chipping.
  5. The drying time can be several hours to be rock hard.
  6. The varnish can fade, swimming and detergents can reduce the shine.
  7. It is easy to remove with a good quality non-acetone remover and the product should not negatively affect the nail.Home kits and cheap ‘nail bars’ should be avoided because the nail plate can be severely jeopardised by inferior products, poor application, over harsh buffing of the nail plate and aggressive removal. Poor hygiene can leave the nail infected and permanently damaged.A professional manicure, whether it be Gel or conventional, should include cuticle work, hand and arm massage and careful shaping to create a perfect set of beautiful nails and a relaxing treat for you. 

OPI and Shellac lead the gel revolution with the Soak-off Gel Lacquer System. Polish it on like a nail lacquer, then UV-cure for results that are nothing short of brilliant!

O.P.I. and Shellac have brought out numerous colour options in all their top selling colours, as well as natural shades for French manicures.

What are the benefits?

They last for up to 2 weeks, as they are hard wearing, chip-resistant to (non acetone) nail polish remover and they protect the nail during the growing process.

The O.P.I. seal of approval means, they do 'no harm': protecting, non-drying, non- abrasive, gently wraps the natural nail in a hard wearing casing, without dehydrating.

How long do they last?

They will last up to 2 weeks, so great for holidays or when you need a long-lasting manicure.

How Much Does It Cost?

£22.50 for file and gel application

£39.95, for full manicure with gel application, when you buy a block of 4 manicures you only pay for 3. £119.85, making each manicure only £29.96 

I am so impressed with my gel nails. When I have had tips in the past, the bit I never liked was the thickness applied to cover the join. These are so much better and they don't interfere with your life. You are going to have to fight me to get me to take them off!!


Well, after two weeks, my first gel nails are still looking amazing! Here's an unexpected benefit... As a habitual cuticle nibbler, my nails have always looked pretty sorry for themselves. Not only has the beautiful purple gel colour stayed shiny and perfect these last two weeks, but I also haven't been tempted to nibble around them - hopefully this is giving them a chance to recover!



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