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Which Facial is Best for Me?

There are many facials to choose from, it can be tricky knowing which one to book at your salon. A reputable salon should guide you and during a thorough consultation, recommend an appropriate treatment. The beauty therapist is after all, the expert and knows the range of treatments and products available to them.

Facials can vary, from basic cleansing, to an advanced non-surgical firming, electrical treatment, utilising state of the art machines. Whether you are looking for deep relaxation for an hour or you want to make a dramatic change to the appearance of your skin, a facial can always be an enjoyable experience. In the competent hands of a professional therapist, you can achieve results that improve acne or reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Once a month is a good frequency for maintenance, but if you wish to achieve real change to your skin, you may need a course of weekly treatments.

Microdermabrasion is one of the most popular treatments; this thorough facial removes dead skin cells and reveals fresher brighter cells, which reflect more light. The softening effect of this facial means you enjoy the benefits for weeks after the treatment.

CACI Micro-Lift Anti-age treatment is the best on the market for reducing the signs of aging. Electrical current is passed through the muscles of the face and neck, toning and lifting to produce a firmer jaw line and lifted brow.

Fruit acid peels are great for refreshing the complexion and minimising scars; they can also improve fine lines and enable the skin to absorb extra moisture, giving the surface a moisture surge.

Red Light Therapy is the latest innovation in cell regeneration and is very effective in the battle against wrinkle formation.

Whichever facial you have, it should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience that leaves you feeling pampered, with glowing skin and sense of wellbeing.









Diamond-Tip Microdermabrasion - Available in Milton Keynes and Stowe Castle,nr. Buckingham.

This gentle yet effective facial is suitable for almost all skin types. The light exfoliation from the innovative diamond system, is both relaxing to receive and dramatic in result. The thorough removal of dead skin cells and the soothing hydrating gel-mask, combine to reveal fantastic, luminous skin.

If you feel your skin is dull, lacks vitality, is congested or simply needs a kick start, then this treatment is for you. The whole facial takes an hour.

The facial can be enjoyed as a one-off to revitalise, or as a course to correct troubled skin (discount applies to course). By following a course of treatments in close succession you accumulate the benefits to achieve corrective, fantastic results. The main advantage of this latest Microdermabrasion technique is that it is “Progressive not Aggressive”.

The introductory price is from £55.95 for a single treatment
A course of five is 10% Discount - £251.95
A course of ten is 15% Discount - £475.95

Call us on 01280 813000 for more details, or to book a microdermabrasion treatment.

Ultra-Sonic peeling - Available in Milton Keynes

This gentle yet thorough mode of exfoliation is a brilliant way to brighten the skin without trauma.

The vibration of the sonic plate agitates the surface skin cells, they shed, leaving behind new brighter younger cells. The sonic vibration is enhanced by a peeling acid solution that gently loosen the cells to facilitate removal. your skin will feel soft and smooth!

Client Testimonials

After only the second treatment in my course I could see my skin was smoother and softer, and to my surprise the constant outbreaks seemed to have calmed. Emma

I absolutely love this treatment, I am so grateful to Clare at The Beauty Therapy Centre for recommending it. My skin has never felt so soft. Sam

I was very dubious about microdermabrasion as I had heard that it hurt, but this treatment so relaxing I fell asleep and woke up to gorgeous soft skin! Jade

I wanted the diamond microdermabrasion to help my congested spotty skin. What I didn’t expect was the youthful glow and ‘plumped up’ appearance I got as well. Caroline

My skin is so sensitive I didn’t think diamond peeling would be possible, but I really felt like it needed a thorough deep clean. The facial was so gentle and the effect so amazing I now have regular treatments with Clare and my skin is always smooth and calm even immediately afterwards. Pam

I loved this facial so much for the brightening effect it had my skin, that I bought a course of treatments for my husband's 70th birthday present. He loved it too, so now we compete to see who has the softest skin. Jan

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